September 12-14, 2021 | Renaissance Dallas Richardson

A Holistic Approach to Patent Strategy for C-Suite Executives

C-Suite Patent Strategy

A Holistic Approach to Patent Strategy for C-Suite Executives

RegisterA Google search of the term ‘patent strategy’ returns no fewer than 123 million references. Unfortunately, the term patent strategy is as misunderstood as it is overused.

Patent strategy cannot mean you simply create the longest, most detailed patent specification possible with the largest number of claims a client can be coaxed into filing. For example, what will the translation costs be for filing such an omnibus application in another jurisdiction, and will those costs be so great that obtaining protection is simply unaffordable?

Today, patents need to be looked at holistically from the outset because what happens from the very beginning during prosecution will have meaning and importance during any subsequent review by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), in federal district court, and for filing decisions around the world. And all too often the weakest link is at the beginning, during patent prosecution, when irretrievable mistakes are made for a variety of reasons – including budget and lack of foresight.

Of course, a holistic strategy requires implementation of a patent strategy fully understanding company goals, business needs, core competencies, budget realities, and existing research and development.

This panel will discuss, among other things:

  • The importance of aligning portfolio strategies with business opportunity;
  • Clearly forecasting the spend necessary lifetime spend for the asset family;
  • The real lifetime costs associated with filing and claiming strategies;
  • Understanding the need to create litigation ready assets; and
  • Understanding an examiner review will be different than the review you face in front of the PTAB.