September 12-14, 2021 | Renaissance Dallas Richardson

Cross Border Intellectual Property

How U.S. Companies Use IP In China ~ How Chinese Companies Use IP in the U.S.
Cross Border IP Protection: US and China

Cross Border Intellectual Property

RegisterCLEMuch has been made in the media and in political debates about reported animosity between the governments of the United States and China. While it is impossible to know what goes on in international political circles behind closed doors, what is clear to see is that vast numbers o U.S. innovative companies want to do business in China. Likewise, an increasing number of Chinese innovative companies want to do business in the United States and elsewhere around the globe.

U.S. companies doing business in China face a range of challenges in protecting and enforcing their intellectual property (IP). Companies planning to do business in China should understand that the U.S. and Chinese IP legal systems are different and that registration of rights in the United States does not automatically confer rights in China. It is important to become familiar with the differences between the two systems and to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for protecting your IP in China. Of course, even as more U.S. based and headquartered businesses of all sizes wish to enter the Chinese marketplace, an increasing number of Chinese companies and innovators are relying on the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and seeking IP rights in both the U.S. and elsewhere around the world.

This panel will take a holistic view of intellectual property rights in China, discussing the issue from the viewpoint of those foreign companies (i.e., U.S. companies) that seek to enter the Chinese market, as well as from the viewpoint of domestic Chinese companies that themselves have established rights in China and are now seeking to leverage those rights internationally.

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