September 12-14, 2021 | Renaissance Dallas Richardson

International Trademark Rights: Best Practices for a Trademark Global Presence

Mark Leonard
Jayne Durden
Heather Antoine
13 Sep 2021
5:00 pm
McKool Smith Ballroom
International Trademark Rights

International Trademark Rights: Best Practices for a Trademark Global Presence

RegisterThe World Intellectual Property Organization estimates that more than a third of the value of manufactured products sold around the world comes from “intangible capital”, such as branding, design and technology.

Clearly, if a business wishes to thrive, locally or globally, it needs to identify and protect its IP. In the global marketplace of the 21st century that means protecting IP worldwide.

The Madrid Protocol is a treaty that provides a streamlined process for protecting trademarks internationally. The Madrid System allows for the application and maintenance of a trademark in over one hundred countries, allows for a single application to be filed with a single office, using one currency, and in a single language. But the Madrid Protocol is not without pitfalls and shortcomings, and is not always the best choice, particularly for trademark applicants seeking rights in China.

In this wide-ranging discussion on international trademark protection and building a global trademark presence, the panel will discuss best practices for protecting, managing and exploiting international trademark rights in an increasingly complex and evolving global marketplace. Among other things the panel will focus on discuss gray markets, the importance of working with good local counsel, the Madrid Protocol vs. filing direct (such as in China), challenges with protecting descriptive terminology, clearing trademarks worldwide without spending a fortune and taking only acceptable risk.